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Management Information Services

Our current Claims Management System was developed in 1989 as a comprehensive administrative system for workers’ compensation claims for both self-insured groups and own risk entities. Some of the highlights of the system include:

  • On-line claim and transaction status inquiry
  • Full diary and note capability
  • Duplicate claim and payment editing
  • Check printing
  • Checking account reconciliation
  • 1099 production
  • Premium billing and collection
  • NCCI reporting
  • Reinsurance reporting
  • Multiple Injury Trust Fund Tax Reporting
  • OSHA 300 reporting for own risk

The Claims Management System not only provides control and information reports, it also provides numerous reports and statistics to risk managers for analyzing claims. The Claim Cost Analysis report based on type of injury, part of body, nature of injury, agency of injury, time of injury, length of service, age and sex, has proven very useful to risk management in spotting claims cost trends and taking corrective actions to reduce those costs.

A Fee Schedule Management System has also been integrated into our Claims Management System to provide medical bill payment support. This system reviews and adjudicates all medical bills according to the (Oklahoma) Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule. It also creates checks and an Explanation of Benefits (EOB), checks for duplicate charges, provides screening for PPO status for submission, generates control reports, etc.

In keeping with US&C’s goal of providing the best service to our clients, we utilize IBM’s AS/400, the most popular mid range computing system in the industry, linked to Personal Computers, laser printers, and color printers. This system is very versatile, giving us the capabilities to transfer data direct to clients or reinsurers, create special reports and color graphic charts.

Our programming department is continually monitoring and updating the Claims Management System with additional data gathering and reporting functions to better meet the needs of our clients. We always welcome suggestions from our clients for additional information or reports that will help in the administration of their workers’ compensation programs.

United Safety & Claims

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