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Loss Control

United Safety & Claims' Safety Management System helps each client develop a plan to effectively reduce losses and operating costs. By using this plan, you should realize a substantial return on your investment. It can reduce your costs, increase employee morale, increase productivity and improve product quality. Our client companies generally realize the necessity of going beyond compliance in their approach to loss control. They understand the importance of a Safety Management System, its compatibility with the Total Quality Management concept, and the need for an ongoing refinement of the process.

US&C's loss control consultants help clients ensure the success of their self-insured programs. Working together, they set yearly objectives in order to measure progress in the quest for long term goals.

Safety is not only a good business practice.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 was enacted by Congress to promote safety and health in the workplace. OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) developed specific guidelines to deal with hazards in the workplace. Failure to follow these rules and regulations could result in fines and penalties imposed by OSHA.

The States of Arkansas and Oklahoma have passed legislation on workers' compensation reform. Part of the Oklahoma reform package deals specifically with safety and, in part, reads:

By January 1, 1996, each insurance company that provides workers' compensation insurance or an equivalent insurance product in this state shall maintain or provide workplace safety services for its policy holders as a condition for approval by the insurance commissioner to write such insurance or must be provided by the State Department of Labor if insurance is provided by the State Fund. Such services shall be adequate to implement workplace safety plans as required by the nature of its policyholders operations and shall include, but not be limited to, surveys, recommendations, training programs, consultations, analysis of accident causes, industrial hygiene, and industrial health services.

The state law also goes on to say:

All self-insured employers and group self-insurance association plans shall be required to develop and implement workplace safety plans by January 1, 1996, and shall notify the Administrator of the Workers' Compensation Court in writing upon implementation of the plan. All private employers who become self-insured after the effective date of this act and group self-insurance association plans approved by the Administrator of the Workers' Compensation Court after the effective date of this act shall implement a workplace safety plan within six (6) months of becoming a self-insured and shall notify the Administrator of the Workers' Compensation Court in writing upon implementation of the plan.

US&C's safety and health programs are tailored to meet each client's specific needs. We monitor Federal and State workplace safety laws and regulations to keep you in compliance.

We understand that each client's needs are different. Some clients must develop a complete program while others may have safety directors that simply need our assistance periodically. So we offer three levels of Safety Management Services. Each level includes plan development plus:

    Basic Services:

    1. Program Audit - Designed to help pinpoint barriers in achieving goals and uncovering deficiencies (if any) in current safety management systems.
    2. Quarterly Surveys - To include trend analysis, review of loss control activities, conducting surveys at each location for hazards and unsafe practices by employees and written reports that include recommendations for improving the system.

    Management System Compliance:

    1. Includes Basic Services;
    2. Provide written safety programs as needed;
    3. Assist in implementing Safety Management System;
    4. Conduct training sessions for management with regard to the effect of safety and risk management on profits and how to effectively integrate safety in the decision process;
    5. Safety Management training designed for managers and supervisors.
    6. Light duty programs (return to work) for employees.

    Total Management Compliance - Safety System Management

    1. Includes services provided in our Basic Services and System Compliance Programs.
    2. Provides employee training as outlined by OSHA.
    3. Industrial Hygiene surveys arranged on as needed basis.

Safety management is an aspect of cost control. By utilizing our loss control professional in your self-insured program you can control your risk retention cost. You will also reduce personal injury to employees and prevent property damage.

Loss Control

The main objective of our Loss Control Department is to promote safety in our clients' workplaces. To achieve this, we help clients identify and eliminate unsafe conditions. If required, we can also help train employees in safe work practices that minimize personal injuries and property damage.