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Company Profile

Our approach is simple--provide excellent service at a fair price without hidden charges. Many of the national and regional TPA's conceal add-on fees as allocated expenses, making each claim cost considerably more. US&C's service fees may appear higher at the time of initial proposal, but our clients will verify that US&C's average claims cost is lower. This reduces the ultimate cost of your program.

At United Safety & Claims, we stay abreast of changes in the workers' compensation system. This includes:

  • Knowledge of medical providers
  • Which are the most effective law firms
  • Consideration as to the presiding judge
  • and many other considerations that may affect the cost of claims handling

In administering claims we work for you and never lose sight of that. We do not tell you what attorney you must use, what rehabilitation facility to use nor any other service to use. With your consent, we will suggest several from whom we have seen the best results. In contrast, many TPA's direct you to one of their "sister" companies for services. These sister companies often charge higher rates than are available in the open market for comparable or superior services.

As your TPA we select the best possible provider for necessary services. These providers must work at competitive prices and render quality services and the detailed information which we expect. This ensures our clients of the best services for their money.

Communication is the Key

Interaction between employers, employees and providers will optimize results for US&C's clients. By coordinating the activity of all parties, we minimize "misunderstandings" that can increase claims costs. Maintaining contact with all concerned parties enables us to head off problems that can lead to a sense of distrust by employees which, in turn, may cause them to engage legal counsel.

United Safety & Claims will develop a service plan designed specifically for you, to help us set objectives. We will initiate a "set up" meeting to structure this plan. Typically, the meeting includes our claims team leader, claims manager, loss control manager and your key personnel. We will discuss in detail how the process works and will include such topics as the level of settlement authority, review of loss information, reporting, distribution of information, and objectives to be achieved during the contract period. Any of your concerns, special requests and needs will also be discussed. By identifying your concerns at the beginning, we will be better able to provide the excellent level of service customarily provided to our clients.


Brad Smallwood, Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer
Chali Stevens, President & Chief Financial Officer
Rod Randall, Vice President & Claims Manager


Name Position Experience
Shawna Peelman Claims Supervisor & Utilization Review 15 years
Janet Knoernschild Claims Examiner 22 years
Cindy Cardwell Claims Examiner 5 years
Sandy Phillips Claims Examiner 1 year
Kim McGee Claims Processor 20 years
Kim Courtney Claims Processor 7 years
Mandi Maulsby Claims Processor 1 year


Name Position Experience
Eric Tabor Attorney at Law 4 years
Vicki Eklund Legal Assistant 26 years


Name Position Experience
Tom Titus Loss Control Consultant 25 years


Name Position Experience
Patty Million Account Processor 25 years


Name Position Experience
Nancy McCafferty Data Processor 18 years


Name Position Experience
Joanna Holliday Executive Assistant 20 years
Bridget Grubb Receptionist 7 years
Company Profile

As one of the region's premier Third Party Administrators (TPA), United Safety and Claims provides its clients with the best possible claims and risk control services for the dollar.