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Accounts Processing

United Safety & Claims believes that a close working relationship requires an open line of communication between all parties. These parties include Group Administrators, Boards of Directors and general membership. The ultimate success of any group is determined in part by the degree of open and honest communication.

When you choose US&C as your TPA we will create a database containing information on the group as well as each individual member. The database will include detailed information on each member along with premium information, modification factor, and payroll by class codes. These files contain the necessary information to produce reports for premium collection, deductible billing, NCCI reporting, audit billings, and monthly experience reports. The data also enables us to age the collection of accounts to ensure timely payments.

We record all deposit transactions of money collected in the database and balance them on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. This allows us to assist the accounting firm in preparing the annual financial statements in an expeditious manner.

We reconcile the claims bank account each month to the bank statements. This permits the claim processors to balance their check registers on a daily basis which reconcile to our monthly bank reconciliation.

US&C also provides assistance in annual payroll auditing and we provide updated payroll and premium information to members of the Board as a result of the audits.

Monthly reports to the Administrator and the Board of Directors are prepared containing important information reflecting the financial condition of the group. An annual summary report is also provided.

United Safety & Claims

As one of the region's premier Third Party Administrators (TPA), United Safety and Claims provides its clients with the best possible claims and risk control services for the dollar.